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Thanks to everyone who came to the tweetup! Here's the list of attendees:


And here's a list of related links (blog posts, photos, etc):


This was our first tweetup event.


How to get there?

  • If you live downtown, consider walking. The weather looks good!    
  • If you're near the LRT, you can stop at Churchill Station.
  • Lots of buses run near Churchill Square. Try the ETS Trip Planner...select "Stanley A. Milner Library" as your destination Landmark Name.
  • Nearby parkades include the Library, Canada Place, and City Hall. Parking is just $1 for the first three hours on Saturdays at the Library Parkade (pdf).


Attending (add yourself to the list):



How would a Tweetup work? Check out these links:



Proposed Dates:

Even though May 10 is less than ideal for a few people, it seems to work for the greatest number of people. I would suggest that we set this as the tentative date for the first Tweetup. ~Adam

  • Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 at noon? in the evening?


Saturday, May 10th, 2008 at noon? in the evening?

    • This date should not have any restrictions for me (Adam Snider)
    • This works for GregBD
    • This works for me (Mack Male)
    • This day probably works, but is not preferable (Codplay)
    • I should be free this day. (Kenneth)
    • Noon is better for me, but I might be able to join people later if it's in the evening. (Heraldk)
    • This is the night of the premier of my boyfriends show (MiddleMen) at the Metro (Thuraya)


Possible Locations:

  • Three Bananas Cafe in Churchill Square (can accomodate 50-60 people, free wi-fi, open 10am to 5pm on Saturday) 
  • Cargo & James Tea on Whyte Avenue (can accomodate 20-30 people, free wi-fi, open 11am to 10pm on Saturday)
  • Restaurant?
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